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I thought I was over this but I guess not.

1. sociopaths aren’t men, they are sociopaths. My ex-wife is one. She’s lied in court and is doesn’t bother her one way or another. She can cry on demand to gain sympathy. I’ve seen her convince two lawyers and duty counsel to side with her. “Facts” have been all over the place – a little here, a little there. It’s been a waste of time because if they gets caught lying then it’s stupidity – the nice single parent woman that is doing the best she can, she needs a break.
2. court orders that don’t get respected. ever been accused of rape? I have her 3 kids, paid off half a house for her, let her stay home to “home school”, bought her a business, took care of her and listened to all her woes about a mother with cancer and a father that beat her. I honestly think now it was all an effort to gain sympathy. We had an order for our kids to get counselling. It never happened so I took her back to court to enforce the order. I figured I was doing something good for myself and my kids. I was expected to be heard. Instead her response was accusation that I wanted to rape her or rape someone else. If I proceed it will be a trail on rape vs doing what is best for our/my kids. My motivation right now to live, go back to school, get a new career is zero.
3. Where is God is this? The Devil has shown up numerous times to tempt me. God is quiet and if anything is leading out of court. Sociopaths react in violence to stress, and don’t care what they do to the kids. My step-son has no testicles, they’ve been operated away. He hasn’t talked to me much since we separated. I found out because I saw him walking in the street holding his stomach after the operation. My ex told me “It’s too bad he didn’t saw something sooner otherwise they could have been saved”. A mother that will let her own son have his testicles removed, and then blame him for it. The Christian God that I grew up with doesn’t apply here. I’ve seen the power of God in who he brings into my life yet He still can’t touch her free will.
4. Mental Health, Emotional Health, or victim of sociopath traits? I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder shortly after catching my wife at the time kissing another woman. I protected her and didn’t tell the psychiatrist the whole story. Now years later it makes a hell of a lot more sense that any “mental” health issues I have are a direct result of being in a relationship with her, and it’s ok to not own it. It’s her, not me, her. I wasn’t the one that lied. And I seem to be getting better the more time I spend away from her. The psychiatrist doesn’t see it the same way.

For anyone else going through this it’s important to understand they won’t. It takes a hell of a lot of convincing and any psychiatrist or counsellor that doesn’t have DIRECT experience with a sociopath wont understand. They will call it denial or another made up term. It’s like no one wants to look at the truth, not even God it’s better to avoid and take your medication, not.

What have I learned through this? Stay away from Italians, be careful who to sleep with, run from any of those love feelings and use your brain, look at a person’s history, and if there is any lying at all, run.

I have to trust that if I’ve still here in 15 years my girls may come looking for me and want some answers, because right now they’ll convinced I’m the problem.

WOMEN – after divorce you get to keep your kids, you get to influence them and watch them grow. I have 3 kids and a step son. I only see 1/4 of them. The pain in my heart is unbearable thinking that my twin girls will grow up and do the same to another. I try my best with my son to ensure he he is honest.

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