Reply To: ok I am so confused what if some of the criteria doesn't fit? for psychopath



Stop worrying about him. Every time your mind begins a detour into him and confusion go run (do something very physical). You see deep down inside you are convincing yourself if you were somehow prettier, nicer etc…. he would love you.

If not you might end up just like me. We are still married going on 31 years. But I finally threw him out. He alienated my children, my family and the few friends I had. It finally culminated in him convincing me I was so worthless I should kill myself. I almost succeeded.

I am now alone, with significant medical issues and my children wouldn’t bother to spit on me if I were on fire. I have no friends and no family, so run now and make a new life with a future of love and happiness. You do not want to end like this and this is how it ends for most wives of these monsters when they do not leave.

Starting over in old age is much more difficult than when you are young and have options.

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