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I am soooo sorry about what happened to you if it is any consolation these guys are crafty. So crafty infact that I don’t feel I have control over my own mind, feelings,emotions! I have the love of my mother and father and tons of friends and I NEED him to be nice again witch he is never gonna be. It’s like my mind knows but my body is in panic mode everytime I know it’s over! You are feeling completely normal for what you’ve gone through. He got violent with you luckily mine was just mind screwing emotion changing stuff. Make sure he does not know where you are. I will tell you though a’s lost as I feel with out mine I probably would not be phased by physical abuse. THAT’S HOW STRONG THIS HOLD IS! I hope and pray for both of our sakes we can stay away from them. I made the mistake of talking to mine tonight and he has had me in even more turmoil all over again. Don’t fall for “I’m sorry” or any pretending like nothing happened stuff. You are in danger with this man! I am in danger and mines just emotional mental abuse that is literally making me self destruct. Just keep up the NO CONTACT and I will do the same. We will do it together I had 4 days and was really at peace I thought it was over but something switched inside and I had to tell him what I was feeling and contacted him. BAD MOVE!! Just write down all the bad things he does and says and put photo copies of them around the house. I will do the same we can do this. Know your not alone and know you can write on here and reach at least me anytime😊 As I am struggling very hard and check it very often. Thank God you have atleast one friend to turn to don’t worry about no one believing you they disguise things very well and want us to appear to be crazy! That’s par for the coarse sending you healing hugs and lots of hope!!! Ladybugg

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