Reply To: Someone has to tell me what do you know about tranceing/ hypnotizing



My ex psychopath used hypnotic techniques on me especially at the beginning of the ‘relationship.’ I probably would not have gotten involved with him without the element of hypnosis and the suggestions I made.

It sounds like your ex is a skilled manipulator. Consider that he probably uses everything he knows about you as an individual to control you – what your personal sensitivities are, your vulnerabilities, your strengths. He sounds dangerous.

It takes time to recover, and NC is your number one defense. He is harmful to you. He can’t harm you as much if you don’t have contact with him.

If you google “psychopaths and hypnotic techniques” or similar you’ll find information. Here’s a good article: http://psychopathsandlove.com/psychopaths-use-trance-and-hypnosis-to-get-and-keep-victims/

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