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Maybe if I try telling my story a it better so it helps others.
I had my own place my daughter had left home and I was sad and struggling finically, along he came, it was a whirlwind. I remember after two months him coming to mine and saying I love you loads. I never said it back for about a month, then I did!
He convinced me to move in with him to help my money situation and how he felt he needed to look after me and wanted to look after me. I moved in.
Gave up my home.
Sex was great at first, now I look back and we always has sex with my back to him, I use to say what happened, we were great in bed, he told I was sex crazy and wanted it too much because we ended up having sex once a week. This make me feel sick. He never wanted me.
He use to tell me I was moody and ungrateful, he brought me lots of things, said I should dress better and look smarter. He told me I was fat, I’m eight stone in weight, months later he told me I was too skinny.
I never won an argue , he would tell me it was my fault and I jumped to conclusions all the time and I was a negative person.
I would do my best to please him and he would just sit on the sofa and not talk to me, every time I tried to talk he would ignore me.
Whenever my daughter came over, he would be poorly and need attention, when my daughter got really ill, he couldn’t cope and chucked me out of his house ( my daughter never lived with him, but he tried to get her too) I should of left then, but he would constantly call and say sorry, I moved back in and we always ended up at square one…him always putting me down, calling me stupid, telling me I over think things too much. Every time I confronted him I was one the who ends up feeling bad and guilty.
He lied to me every day and I can not understand why someone would go to all that effort when they don’t even like someone. All that pretence!
He has broken me and I’m not sure how to fix me.
I’m relaying everything he said and did to me.
I would go out with friends and he would bombard me with calls and texts. He would tell me he was going to marry me. I asked him and told him he no empathy towards others and he would laugh and tell me he knew but didn’t care what others thought of him, I just thought he hadn’t grown up. I can’t believe I fell for it all. I loved him so much,
In the end I had no job no home and no car, I was stuck at his and with him, and I kinda knew he was no good but thought it was me overreacting again. I was always sticking up for him and that must of made his day!
I am sick and angry and sad and lost with it all. I feel like a fool.
As I have said before he got violent, he’s on bail. I’m scared.
I can’t sleep right now and it’s making me crazy.
He was a charming man who has built up an image of being a good man with a home and job, underneath he is not I now am trying to believe good in any way, but I still miss him.

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