Reply To: I am trying to go NC he has a wicked hold on me help!



A better look into my story is in the post column titled
Coercive control:’ Domestic violence without the physical abuse”
Look it up! Yes yes yes though it all sounds so painfully the same sex everynight at first and sometimes two or three times then he started with holding it as a punishment cuz he mad me feel I needed it to feel loved by him. I see he is the one who purposely made me feel that way now. I went to a ministry healing in Feb of 2015 and that was broken off of me though I came back with no need for lust of any kind and sense I was not feeling loved by him and the only thing I was interested in sexually was “making love” I could take it or leave it until he wanted to store cherishing and adoring me again. He never felt any need to do so. Yes the conversation pattern exactly the same only he would yell at me if I tried to talk to him then he would command me to drop it. Yes we have to stay strong I have to know he is ready to pretend with someone else and hope he can find someone who can be controlled more easily. You to are worth more than your ex gave you! Sounds like we were essentially with the same man only if mine used more silent treatments it would have been better then being yelled at then commanded to drop it how infuriating! Don’t go back I went back so many times I lost count! I’m trying yes night time is extra hard I have been having Jesus hold me at night he will never leave or forsake me he is my Rock!!

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