Reply To: ok I am so confused what if some of the criteria doesn't fit? for psychopath



@ladybugg My ex would do the same thing. He would purposely make me cry at night right before we go to bed and he would yell at me for crying and then he would sleep like a baby while I lay awake with tears in my eyes and then the next morning he would wake up all chipper like nothing happened. In the relationship he would withhold kisses and intimacy for my punishment, whenever I “made him mad” Whenever I had a problem,it was never a good time to talk about it. I have done almost everything for him and he treated me like crap. Then he dumped me and said I wouldn’t find anyone better unless it’s God. It’s like he changed over night because at first he was so loving. Then he made me feel like it was my fault because he said I had an attitude problem even though he was the one with the issue.

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