Reply To: Someone has to tell me what do you know about tranceing/ hypnotizing



I was gonna leave but I can’t my whole life is here. I use to think it was sweet when he said he was staying right there now from what I know he would probably enjoy the fact that it haunts me! I just have to try my hardest to not think about it. not contact him and NOT let him know I am hurting in anyway! Which is all I want to do…..stupid cuz he does not care and I know that! I just have to fight how I feel there is a very good part in that new book psycopaths free abount manufactured emotions…The emotions that are tearing me apart he built I have to remember that.
He constantly would ryle me up and then tell me I had no self control and I need help. the more and more he did it the less self control I had. This book is really helping me. I am really just trying to get through the days..that’s it. I am reading and reading the more I learn the more I see clearly. thank you so much for your help and support there is strength in numbers and this forum is really helping me too!

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