Reply To: Lost and can't believe



I hope you are doing ok I have had zero contact with mine I messed up and contacted him Monday. I am happy to say though since then not one text or email. I am experiencing major racing thoughts and anger in the morning. I have been blessed greatly that I have been able to sleep at night I think that is due to my new you from it works!! (it’s all natural) it really does help me sleep! I have not seen you in any of the forums and wanted to make sure your still ok, and still fighting the good fight of NC it will pay off if we just hang in there it is already nice to not have someone attacking me for no reason. only problem now is in the morning when this anger thing is happening I AM A BITCH apologizing the whole time saying I hate it while my mother is compassionate and try’s to understand and it passes after I am up about an hr to an hr a half. My Dad acts put out which I don’t need because I don’t like feeling this way because of a nasty pig I would never have been attracted to if it were not for him Charming me like some warlock urg…. just hang in there! I am!!

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