Reply To: In need of support when struggling with no contact



FreeandHope I started reading psycopath free yes it is very very good thank you hang in there lostandalone22 your not lost anymore now you know what your dealing with you feel lost with out him. Where you are is at the beginning of getting your life back and getting back to who you really are.(that’s what I am telling myself everyday.) use your senses to ground yourself too look at something, touch something, smell something and breath!! You are not alone either you have all of us. I am having a good day today! It will get better don’t let him rattle you. Stay quite and calm when you go to court. From what I have learned he made you defensive for a reason (to make you look unhinged) just be as quite as you can and (I don’t know your beliefs) I ask the lord to give me peace and he does!

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