Reply To: I am trying to go NC he has a wicked hold on me help!



You are gonna be ok, to tell you the truth my Spath did sweet things off and on through out the whole relationship and that’s what through me off. I how even felt totally degraded that he would purposely make me jealous of other woman. I think convincing you your crazy and you have all these mental problems is the beg gist put Dow you can receive from somebody he may not have degraded you and put you down on a level you “heard” he did far worse! He dismantled your psyche and put in what he wanted to. That is low as low gets! It is why it is call covert hard to catch on to. Did it all with a Air of innocence and a smile on his face!! You will be ok put some soft music on in your room,candles,aroma therapy really pamper yourself!! You deserve it you have been through allot!!

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