Reply To: I am trying to go NC he has a wicked hold on me help!



You just need to realize that what you just started is the truth. You know the truth ya ya everyone thinks he’s a nice guy. They save all the really evil bad stuff for that special lady in their life. Lord have mercy on his next target. You know the truth that’s all that matters this him looking good and you feeling terrible is all part of the game he has played. Just try to live for you tell yourself he will not consume your thoughts EVERY time you think of him! We will all walk this road together. We know what’s instore for anyone they get with and believe it or not. I have met people who thought they were gonna die without their abuser and now they are a distant memory a nightmare they once had and they are happy I even met some that are happily remarried! Two that even have gone on to have babies with very loving men. The future will be the brightest days yet!!

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