Reply To: I am trying to go NC he has a wicked hold on me help!



I can’t believe how strong I can feel one day and then the next just be at total mess again!! I have had a terrible day today!! I made it through though and it’s not a missing him thing it’s a angry enough to spit nails that he can just be so happy go lucky and act as if I never mattered to him. Although hell I have felt that way for the last two years most all the time while he’s constantly dropping hints that he can replace me in a heartbeat and trying to make me jealous I never acted on any of it though I told him it was obvious to me he was planting seeds to make me jealous (I thought he was feeling insecure) could not find any other logical reason so I just kept trying to show him more love. He has made me feel empty and just crushed I literally hate men now anytime anyone try’s to talk to me I am trying to find a reason to not like them. This purely sucks for me because I pushed every relationship away before him. (Even tried to push him away) he kept winning me over with all his over the top gestures! Oh I am just sick and hopeless feeling maybe tommorow will be better😁 Night all!!

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