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Am back and forth with my emotions
He is still allowed to play games and not give me my personal stuff back, even with the police involved he can still play! This causes me stress and upset every time I speak to them.
I didn’t go to work again yesterday, I’m having trouble getting out of my bed, even though I know it’s no good letting him dominate my feelings but he is….constantly on my mind.
I don’t feel I have the strength to pick myself up and start again….no home no job and have had to move 100’s miles away!! I’m dealing with this on my own and I dont feel strong enough to cope.
Every morning I wake at a silly hour, sat thinking and thinking…it’s getting me nowhere!
I’ve read book after book, article after article but am finding no peace..
I want to tell the world what he is and what he’s done to me but stop myself because no one will believe me, they’ll think I’m crazy! and I’ll get no real release from doing that will I?
The worst is that I spoke to my daughter who knew him before me, she was always warning me, but she told me how much he had flirted with her before I came along and he was probably trying to groom her before me and that makes me sick and it makes sense with the way he was so horrible to her and about her to me…. I thought he was jealous! But he wanted her too! And settles for me!!!
Any words of wisdom on how to survive the day and manage work?

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