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Jan7 told me to get a relaxation CD from Sandra L Brown it is hypnosis for curing the aftermath of a pathological relationship. Here is the link http://saferelationshipsmagazine.com/guided-relaxation-for-repairing-the-aftermath-of-pathological-love-relationships
I do not know what your beliefs are but The lord heals and gives me my peace. I talk to him constantly yesterday was horrible today has been great. I read psalms allot yesterday.
Slow down and Breath too. Meditating, relaxing,laying in the sun (good for lifting mood) I am starting restorative yoga myself I found a great healing one. Look up healing yoga. I got the one for rebalancing your body.(immune system, adrenaline gland, and nerveous system)
I will be thinking of you, you have my prayers (that’s what I do) feel better hope some of that helps!!

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