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I totaly understand…..no one understands because this is not a normal break up. People don’t get the addiction and the way we’ve been programmed to feel ways that are even against our own will.
My counselor sent me an article on gas lighting and the after affects I let my real close friends and family read it. (Just so they would see why it is so much harder then a normal relationship)
Remember they program this desperate love that is harder to loose then just loosing love. Read “psycopath free” that is a really good book. Read as many books as you can get on the subject and get the healing from pathological relationships relaxation Cd from Sandra L Brown I will go get the link to it for ya.

Guided Relaxation for Repairing the Aftermath of Pathological Love Relationships

It really helps me…good luck you are sarounded by people who love you it seems! I do know the feeling I am the go to for support and advise too and I just want to scream “can’t you see I can’t even help myself right now” I don’t need more to worry about and I am not handling things from other people very well right now I am afraid ,but I usually am just brutally honest about how bad I feel inside and I tell them “trust me I did not think it was possible for someone to get such a hold on you and affect you this way, but now I know better” I ask them to hang tough with me that I am learning all I can to get through it so I can get things back together for myself😊 My friends and family all love me they have been very supportive yours would too I am sure.

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