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I am sorry you are having a hard time😔 I am too I have been thinking about my Spath all day today! I have had a panick about me because of it. If I sleep I dream about him, I wake up sweating and panicking! Your right it is like the strongest drug ever. I just try to remember the mean cycles and the way he (suttely put me down) the total betrayal of how he acted like he felt about me and how quickly I realized that I was living with someone who acted more like they hated me then loved me! He added absolutly nothing to my life! Yes he might be nice for a minuet. You know it will all quickly turn into a living hell though. Why does he have to wait till tommorow to call anyway? See someone who loves you and cares would want to talk to you! I got tired of constantly being reminded I was quite easy to replace that’s not LOVE!! Your name says it all needreallove! It is extremely hard I think it gets harder everyday for me not easier ,but that’s only because I think he has surely found someone else to sweep off their feet by now. That is the key it’s all fake! He’ll end up treating her like crap! And I honestly don’t miss a thing about who he actually is I miss the act he conned me into believing! “The illusion” there are allot of people who say it gets better though. I just have to except the truth and stop fighting it. We all do! My ex’s first ex told me it took her 4 years to get back to feeling like herself she was with in allot longer then me. Have faith. Know your worth…talking to him will do nothing but set you back and let him speak more poison into your brain…that’s all it’s ever done for me! Just read read read books on pathological relationship abuse and psycopaths stay strong. The more you read the more the truth sinks in and you can see how everything he said everything he did was all part of the con!
Read “psycopath free” “when love is a lie” “no contact” “quit spinning start living” and “woman who love psycopaths” just to get you started on a list. Hang in there it’s hard. We are all here for you though.

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