Reply To: Someone has to tell me what do you know about tranceing/ hypnotizing



I panicked and tried to talk to him again all he wanted to do was fight and accuse so I said I text you to talk not fight. I am not fighting😊 I thought time would change something contacting you was a mistake and I blocked him again😔 I think he just keeps fighting and saying he can’t do this anymore because he wants it to look like he did nothing and I hurt him or wronged him in some way. Which I did in his eyes he wanted to change everything treat me like a second class citizen (when I was use to him treating me like a queen) and I couldn’t stand it he’d do his subtle cut downs and demand me around until I could not take it and have to leave! I am kinda glad he does not want to be nice because if he did I know I’d go over there. God only knows who he’s done since I have been gone! So he’s doing me a favor really. I only text him so this panic in me would stop. It’s always like “maybe I did not try hard enough” Every time I left it was only so I could get away and gather my mind. so I can go back with the loving disposition I want to put off. It does not matter though because it is project, project, accuse, accuse never ending have not talked to him in over a week and he starts in on the same thing we faught about last time. I said “we already did this I did not text to fight” my only solis is I did not say anything crazy. I just kept saying “well I tried” I feel things may be better now because I know he has no intension of being nice not even for a second he could care less that I walked away…I really know that now. I am depressed but not panicking cuz I tried to reach out once more and it was the same BS different day. So I guess I just try to forget it all!! Which when you can’t stop dreaming about them can’t stop thinking about them it seems near impossible. I was feeling so strong then that damn panick set in urg urg urggggggg!!😔😔😔☹️☹️☹️😁ðŸ˜

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