Reply To: Someone has to tell me what do you know about tranceing/ hypnotizing



well I truly am glad he did not want to be nice. I am sure I have been replaced. I can’t figure out what goes on inside me that makes me not able to just ignore his existance and let go. I don’t want someone new I don’t want to start over. I put every bit of my heart into this! It’s NOT FAIR this is what my perfect love turned out to be I have TRIED and TRIED to fix it (before I knew it was unfixable) now I just wish reality was not as it is.
That is a good verse I will remember that! I tried reading the Bible to avoid contacting him,it did not help. I could not stop thinking about him enough to even read my bible! God I feel so screwed. I hate this when is it gonna stop hurting? It feels like it gets worse instead of better. I walked away when he would have let me stay. I am staying away against every fiber of what I WANT! The way he messed with me was just NOT EXPECTABLE!! why is there strength and then panics you can’t take? why does it all have to be this hard?😒

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