Reply To: About to try no contact. HELP!



Shelly Woods – YAY for your strength!! This is my 1st day of restarting no contact and I changed my phone number and made sure he has no way of contacting me. We spoke yesterday after a 5 day silence while he was having 8 hour “discussions” with another woman. Amazingly, I kept myself composed while he dumped me and wished him the best of luck and to please not contact me anymore. It kinda helped that his cell phone was on my plan so I went online and cut it off the MINUTE we hung up lol.

Anyway I immediately felt so panicky and sad BUT at the same time I felt FREEDOM like a big rock off my shoulders.

It’s going to be hard going through this and I will miss him and cry. It makes it easier that he will have to get new cell service and I won’t know his number.

You sound like a very strong person and I absolutely know you can do it! If you want someone to be strong with you, I will be here and we can go thru it together and support each other.

Let’s both stay strong!!!!

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