Reply To: Is there a name for this behaviour?



His behaviors are classic sociopath/psychopath, which include lying, love bombing you at the beginning, accelerating the pace of the relationship at the beginning, gas lighting you, cheating on you, setting you up, abuser’s remorse, and exploiting you sexually, spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally. His behaviors read like a list of the ‘red flags’ of a sociopath. He devalued and discarded you.

You feel jealous and you care because you’re a normal person who bonds with her partner. You loved the person he pretended to be, not the person he really is. He lied to you about how he felt about you in order to manipulate you into giving him things he wanted from you. You are grieving a real loss that you experienced.

It’s been empirically shown that victims of physical abuse recover more quickly, more easily and faster than do victims of emotional abuse.

Some things that helped me recover and move on were to have no contact at all with my ex psychopath, and to allow myself to grieve the loss, to feel and express frustration, anger, jealousy, etc, to spend time doing activities, and spend time with family and friends. I also read a lot (about 50+ books) about abuse and sociopaths.

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