Reply To: About to try no contact. HELP!



Day 9 NC for me and I’m living in hell. The first few days were not too bad as I felt a little bit of relief along with my pain. Now it seems that all I can remember are the wonderful things and my mind has blocked out all the horrible things. Am I a terrible person for wanting him to hurt as bad as I do?? Everything I read tells me he will feel no hurt or remorse and that kills me because…..I don’t know what is wrong with me but I still LOVE him…OMG!!!!! I check my email every hour to see if he’s written me. I have to stop myself from writing him. I have started a Word doc that I’ve cut and pasted all the things I know are bad about him. Yet I am still going crazy. If he does email, I’m afraid I’ll respond. Please, please help!!
Love to all.

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