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Hi needtreallove
Yes! I saw so many things that I thought were “off” but I tend to be quite conservative and his “off beat” behavior was refreshing. He was also extremely intelligent and as a young girl I was smitten. Fast forward during the relationship and those red flags were flying like crazy. Unfortunately I was already married with one child. So many bizarre statements, awful behavior toward others. It was baffling. And then I started to be told that I was crazy. Out of my mind.
Best thing I ever did was throw him out after 22 years of marriage and 2 kids. It’s been very hard. But nothing is harder than living with a sociopath. They will make you feel crazy, stupid, ugly, incompetent, etc. just remember. Our guts truly do know better. If you see red flags. RUN! He also didn’t have any long term friendships nor did he get along with his family. Especially his mother. Another huge red flag
You are not alone. we have, unfortunately, all been there in our poisoned, toxic one-sided relationship.
Stay strong and keep moving forward. He will never ever change. Don’t waste any more time. Life is for the living and sociopath’s are dead inside.
Good luck!

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