Reply To: Is there a name for this behaviour?




Consider that your ex likely manipulated you into breaking up with him, when it suited his purpose. They are puppet masters, they push our buttons.

I didn’t think my ex spath was dangerous nor unfaithful, but with time I found out he isn’t even heterosexual (child porn, cross dresser, etc.) Eventually, I realized that he could have murdered people for all I knew. I don’t know that he did ever murder, but I know that he is capable of it if it suits his purpose. I came to realize that whatever horrors he is and does that I happened to find out about are likely the tip of the iceberg. This may not be the case regarding your ex, but it seems to be the usual pattern in the case of spaths with abusive behavior that they almost always are cheating, they often practice perversions, and they are lying, cheating, deceiving, everyone according to the relationship and situation. If he was sadistic to you, he’s sadistic to others according to how they fit into his manipulations and crazy making games.

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