Reply To: Spiritual sociopath. Am I wronging him? Am I the problem? How do I move on?



Hi again Portia,

WOW! You are feeling exactly like me! I can’t stand knowing that he’s not bothered about dumping me.
I can’t stop thinking that it’s my fault that I did not care enough about this poor man who I thought I could fix.

We ARE NOT imagining that these men are dysfunctional! It is NOT us….it is them and they have hurt us to our very core.

I am saying these words to myself as much as to you as I too have having difficulty believing that it was not my fault. He HAS found another source of supply and the same thing will happen to her. I so wish I could warn her but that will just give him a reason to call me a psycho.

No do not try to reconnect. I did. The entire misery started over again. If you think living through it once is bad….try twice or three times.

It is so hard to believe that there are people who can manipulate your emotions which such ease and not care one little bit about you.

Yes, I have wanted revenge in the fact that I want him to have a miserable remainder of his existence. I want him to feel pain every day…..the kind of pain I’m feeling now. The sad thing is that I know he won’t. We need to somehow wrap our heads around this and move on.

I wish I had some words of wisdom as to how to do this but I honestly don’t know because I am right there with you.

I too find myself thinking that I horribly wronged this poor man. SO not true. He used me and discarded me. Maybe he did have an abused childhood and all his ex’s were crazy psychos but I don’t think so. It seems that this is a pretty standard play for them when dealing with people like you and me.
It seems pretty clear to me that we are both empaths and really care and want to help others. I guess what we both need to understand is that we cannot help these people. They do not care and they will destroy us in the process.
I have read a lot of posts here and your response to my post and the post you wrote above sounds soooo very close to my feelings. If I figure it out you will be the first to know!!
Much love

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