Reply To: Trapped in Hell – socio-wife and 2 young kids.


Donna Andersen

fstyle34 – I am so sorry for your situation. It is heartbreaking. If you are just learning the extent of her betrayals now, it is all very raw and a shock to your system. I hope that as you come to terms with what she is, you’ll be able to see some ways of dealing with the situation that are not apparent now.

Perhaps a more nuanced “gray rock” approach will help you. Sociopaths feed on their target’s emotional reaction. So even if you haven’t yet gotten the woman out of your life, perhaps you can make sure not to let her see you react to her insanity. Maybe she will get bored and move on with a new boyfriend. She also may get bored of the kids – sociopaths don’t really care about their children; they just see them as a meal ticket. In the meantime, collect all your documentation of her behavior.

Sociopaths often screw up. So if you’re ready when she does, you may be able to make a dramatic change.

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