Reply To: Trapped in Hell – socio-wife and 2 young kids.



Hi Donna, I appreciate the kind words and that’s what I plan on trying. It’s just that I’m not a Gray Rock kind of guy (I’ve always been lighthearted and a comedian) and so it’s super noticeable. I have to answer the question, “what’s wrong?” and I don’t really know what is the best thing to reply.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I tried “I’m just sad” yesterday but don’t know what to say today. For instance I had a crap day, but then took the kids to the park and had a great time. So I came back with an after glow and then, what, I have to turn on a sad act? Again I think I can try and fake that if it’s just her and me in the house, but when the kids are right there I’m not trying to show them a super sad sack daddy…

Should I turn down all her attempts at “hanging out”? If so, what face, and what reason?

(I wish I was as good at lying as she is, this stuff is really hard for me and almost impossible to keep up for more than a day…)

Thank you

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