Reply To: Please tell me this feeling will fade…l.



Hi everyone sorry for,the late reply and thank you all for your support. I did feel like something was wrong and was always writing in my diary and now looking at it its all about him and how he was treating me and why? I knew something wasn’t right but every time I mentioned feelings etc…he pulled me back in and used my insecurities to make me feel like it was all me! I now know how he worked and it’s broken me….
But I’m healing slowly and still no contact..but crave him…it makes me feel sick but I’m taking everyday slowly.
He always lied to me, he turned things around on me eg…he would say “you never think of things to do together you just moan” Somwhen I did come up with things to do he would ignore me or completely avoid doing anything I suggested….it would drive me crazy, it did drive me crazy.
I’m still not working, have no income, have had to move away from my family so am still in a bad place…
I can hardly get threw a day, I’m exhausted because I don’t sleep and when I do I dream of him! It’s a complete mind f**k he has totally got into my head and it’s scary but the more time I have with NC the better I’m becoming X

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