Reply To: Spiritual sociopath. Am I wronging him? Am I the problem? How do I move on?


Donna Andersen

Portia – It seems to me that your inner guidance has been telling you all along that the guy is bad news. Please believe your guidance.

Many people have told Lovefraud about sociopaths who pretend to be religious/ spiritual / born again / pious/ a guru. It is all an act. These people can talk the talk and pretend to walk the walk, but the walking is not authentic. Your inner guidance picked up on this right away – not to mention the comments of others who consider the man to be a user.

Sometimes we draw to us the great spiritual lesson of discernment. What is true and what is false? What is real and what is fake? OUr guidance knows, but sometimes we want to override it.

You have discovered the truth. Believe it.

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