Reply To: Please tell me this feeling will fade…l.



I always felt things were not right. From the very beginning, even when we were just friends and he had other relationships before we got together. I would wonder about this or that or he would say something very rude to me. I always felt he was not being forthcoming, and I was probably one of the best detectives there was, even when I found out he was telling the truth about one thing there would always be others he lied about or hid. But the fact that I was constantly on the look out made me feel like a crazy, paranoid and jealous nut. There were so many red flags I shrugged off. Some I knew were bad and some I didn’t know to look for. I just could not imagine that he could be such an unfeeling monster as I found out that he was. After the discard before last I had hope he really wanted to fix things and realized how much I meant to him. I hoped I could just accept the rest. I always knew he wasn’t a good man, I just didn’t know he was a monster. Apparently a monster that laid eggs in my brain.

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