Reply To: 67 Days



Thanks for the kind response, Stopbuggingme. I talked with my psychologist last night after work. She said she is proud of me and that I’m doing a good job and healing. She told me that she thinks he is a sociopath as well as a narcissist. So last night as I laid in bed and those thoughts intruded as they always do “I love you, I miss you” I stopped and went – “I don’t love you. You’re a monster.” I fell asleep feeling strong. It will probably a long time before I feel that emotion every day, but at least I’m moving forward. A part of me does not want this to be the final discard. It is a blow to the ego, I guess. However, if it was, wouldn’t that be sweet? To never have to hear from such an evil person again? Or maybe God is just giving more time to be strong. I honestly don’t know what I would if he contacted me.


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