Reply To: Sociopathic behavior, or not?



Thanks; appreciate the kind words.

Today as I opened the front door to leave for a business meeting, D said, “I made some hash browns for you. They’re in the fridge.”

This came as a complete surprise, since I’ve been on my own for meals for several months. Having no time to think about or discuss this unexpected gesture, I replied neutrally, “Okay.”

As I’m closing the door, she loudly says, “You’re welcome!”

In the past, this would have left me feeling bad. Now I’m starting to suspect it may be artful manipulation … offering a random kindness when I’m rushed and distracted, then laying on the guilt when I fail to respond with the expected effusive praise — and knowing that I’ll have all day to savor the sting of her parting remark.

Am I being unfair? Or am I being toyed with?

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