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I’m a Christian, it’s most likely the only thing that has kept me from taking my own life, as I can’t even begin to tell you what the last 7 years of our 13 year marriage has been like, it is so bad, it would sound like a made for TV movie.
Anyway… My soon to be X-NarcBoy, showed up at my house 10 days ago, upset, crying, saying he has learned so much, God has helped him to see his lessons. I was sucked in yet again. But this time, I called him out on the gas lighting, set boundaries, spoke my feelings and my thoughts, didn’t cave when he bullied me. He only lasted less than a week before I was discarded again, I was told he can’t deal with MY EMOTIONS, anymore because I cried seeing my 11 year old German Shepherd for the first time in 6 weeks, unable to walk on his back legs anymore. I was told MY CRYING just reminded him of all the crying I did over the last 2-3 years, after finding out about his numerous affairs throughout our whole marriage, and he can’t take it anymore, he can’t take MY CRYING ANYMORE! After him being in tears that whole week, as I held him.
It’s ok, I’m ok, I’ve almost become numb to the pain of his discards. They once left me in a emotional ball in bed for 2-3 months after he left, each time has been less and less. This time only one day in bed watching two seasons of “Girls” on HBO, and now I’m just fine again. Even went on a blind date tonight.
As bad as this is to say, I’m allowing him to think he has tore me up again, so he THINKS, I will be to broken to still file our Divorce papers on Monday. NOT, I’m filing and raising the amount of alimony I will be asking for. That will Send him spinning!
He used not only fake tears, but he also used GOD to worm his way back in this time. I’m still a very caring person, I’m still a Christian, I’m still a Empath, but NOW, I’m Much Stronger than he has ever seen me. He USED GOD! I will never give that NarcBoy another chance, He will NEVER see MY TEARS ever again. His ugly Soul feeds off of me, every time I’m doing good, getting back on my feet, he comes back and feeds off of my energy, until I drop. But this time, my plan is to starve him out, he will never feed off of ME again!
Divorce papers and Alimony on Monday.. He can cry Me a damn river, but I’ll still just walk on by, with my head held high, and not one tear will be shed for him!
Bye, Bye NarcBoy 💀🔫!

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