Reply To: Sociopaths and Crying/Empaths and Apaths



Beautiful mess – you hit the nail on the head. You are right. There were so many times he let behind the curtain – the one I didn’t know existed. He would say “If you knew who I was, you wouldn’t like me” or “I wish I had met you when I was younger.” or “She saved me.” “I f-ing hate you, I need to get away to figure out why I hate you.” or the best “You were the one, you were always the one” (that one said SCREAMING at me.)

So it makes sense when he said tears were manipulation it’s because that is how he used them. He would always accuse me of what he was guilty of “You have to be the center of attention” “It’s always about you” “You can’t be friend with en because they will always want to have sex with you.” “You love chaos.” All projection.

Thank you for helping me see through another lens.

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