Reply To: Sociopaths and Crying/Empaths and Apaths



My most recent ex narcopath often accused me of emotional manipulation / blackmail / extortion. I never once considered he was projecting on to me. Thank you for that thought.

I never saw him cry or heard emotion in his voice. He would sometimes text something emotion wrought but never in speech. When his mother died a few months ago he told me he spent the day crying, however, I never heard the swollen sinus thing in his voice, never heard his voice waver, never pause a moment to collect himself – in fact he very humiliatingly discarded me just days after her death for another woman we’d met spending time together the day after his mother’s death. He told me he was hurting too but just weren’t good for each other. This was the way it had to be. Then there was nothing but scorn, anger and derision in his voice when he told me how pathetic and disgusting I was. I finally told him that he did not feel emotions that other people did. (I did not know the reality behind narcissists and sociopaths at the time. I am horrified to prove myself right on that count). He was more shocked and surprised than I have ever seen anyone be after that statement and denied it but I could tell it shook him. I was always *too* something. Too drama, too sensitive, too emotional. He wanted me to not care about people’s feelings and ‘just have fun’. Yet nothing was fun unless he was the one proclaiming and controlling it.

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