Reply To: Is it me?


Donna Andersen

Passiel – I am so sorry for what you are experiencing. Please stay true to yourself and trust your perceptions. You know what you experienced. Do not doubt that the lying, manipulating, screaming and cheating occurred.

Unfortunately, many people, like yourself, who have been targeted find that friends and family do not support them. One reason is because they have not experienced what you experienced. They see the image that the man presents to the community. The man will always be involved with impression management, so he tries to look good.

So why don’t they believe you? First of all, he may have embarked on a smear campaign. That means he has subtly painted you as being “obsessive” or perhaps “mentally unbalanced” – that’s a standard sociopathic strategy.

Secondly, if they were to believe you, then they would have to admit that the guy has fooled them! And they don’t want to do that. Because then they’d have to admit that they cannot trust their own perceptions. So they would rather not believe you. It’s easier for them.

It’s very sad. But unfortunately, many people who have been targeted have found that they’ve had to limit their interactions with family and friends – or at least stop talking to them about the experience with a sociopath.

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