Reply To: Is it me?



Thank you, Donna. I think my therapist should be the one to decide if I am having an unhealthy obsession and I will rely on her judgement to tell me if I’m not progressing.

It is sad. I feel like this is the end of a relationship with my best friend and sister. On one hand I don’t blame her, she had to hear a lot of crying from me and the most recent ex wasn’t nice to her at all. I probably would have resented me for letting him treat her that way too. On the other hand you would think she would support me getting real for once about the bad guys I’ve been dating. All I can do is heal and grow from this point. I’ll mourn the loss of our closeness but I don’t feel her accusations are true. I might have been depressed and bitchy lately but I’m doing my best to get healthy and if she can’t see that she is fooling herself.

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