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I think you are right. I will pack his remaining items away, contact her and tell her as gently as possible. She can then decide if she wants the photos for her children or not. But his business things, which is what I think he want to use me most for, I will be burn them before I hand them over. Once those photos are back where they belong, I can be free.
Please remember, these men pick and target women who have loving hearts and are true in nature. They picked us and used our best qualities against us. But they didn’t take those qualities with them. We are still alive. And we hurt so deeply because we CAN love so deeply. And there are good men out there who will see and celebrate those qualities. The one thing Thomas did for me is to help me realize just how deeply I am capable of loving. And when I am ready, the right man, a worthy man… is gonna get a whole lot of woman! Lucky man. I am wiser. Still need time to let go of the anger…rage. But I will be damned if I am gonna let a pathetic hollow man like Thomas take more from me than he already has. My life is mine! My heart is alive. So is yours! We just gotta learn to love ourselves enough to move forward. The best revenge is living well. Love and strength and prayers and life to you dear sister! I want to be myself again. The kind of woman that when I wake up in the morning and my feet hit the floor, the devil and Thomas shudder and think, “Damn! She’s awake!” Be free! We can do this! We will thrive!

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