Reply To: Narcissistic Mother – the perfect training ground to marry a psychopath



I have to update what I wrote in June.
My mother passed away a few weeks ago. She was a narcissist to the end. Her last month , spent in the hospital, had me rummaging through her apartment to get documents to fill out insurance forms and nursing home forms. I found out her entire identity was a lie. Her whole biography was fictitious . My whole family, the person who raised me, everything, was a lie. I was Catfished by my own Mother! It’s no wonder I met my current sociopath bf under the same catfish conditions. He too, presented an entirely fictitious identity.
I wonder if these disordered mother’s train us to trust people we should not neccesarily trust. I have been fooled hundreds of times in my life. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping.
I wish my mother was coherent enough for me to tell her her jig was up and I knew everything. But alas, she went to her grave feeling she maintenence her lies over 60 years.
If you want to know the truth about someone, wait for them to die. You’ll have it then, if ever.

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