Reply To: Help me get through this pain!


Donna Andersen

zsrpriest – what a nightmare. I am so sorry for you. But I understand, as my sociopathic exhusband committed bigamy twice, along with having multiple girlfriends.

I recommend that you go through all the papers and keep anything that might be useful to you if you decide to pursue any possible legal actions.

Personally, I agree with contacting the wife in PR. She should know. She may or may not choose to believe, but she should at least be told.

And perhaps you can send her the photos of her kids. That will certainly be evidence.

BTW – I am willing to bet that she is not crazy, vengeful, or whatever he said. In fact, none of you are.

Also, if you have just learned all this information, don’t do anything right away. Give yourself time to get over the shock, and then decide what is best for you.

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