Reply To: Help me get through this pain!



thank you all.. I have done exactly what you suggested. Found another pair of panties that were not mine. and a hard drive….. which I will turn over to an IT expert to scan and get into. That should be interesting. AND if anyone needs a little chuckle.. it turns out my Thomas is also…. wait for it… an Ordained Minister. I found the card. I am keeping the tools.. I need a few around the house, steel flash lights, hammers.. You know.. He was good for something. Stocked my home tool box with some pretty awesome tools. Went jogging tonight with my daughter. Rain, track, and my iPod… I feel lighter tonight than I did last night. I will be including the panties, his cards and perhaps the hard drive, depending what turns out to be on it.. to his Puerto Rico wife. He emailed me today and was very polite. Asking again for his things. I did not respond. I don’t have to. I think he must be very anxious about what I am going to do. So I think it is just a good idea to leave him in silence. No contact. My life, my rules. Better today than yesterday, and tomorrow better still.(total of 16,211 steps today. That is over 16K towards healing)

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