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Good for you! Glad you are feeling better today! A minister???!!! Really??!!! What a hypocrite!!

Conversely, today was a struggle for me. My brain just couldn’t focus on my golf game or the movie I went to see tonight. It kept wondering what my jackass was doing with his new (stranger) bride today, how I would love to mess with his head and interrupt their time by sending him pictures of places we have gone and things we did. But I know he would actually find that to be a source of a happy memory of how much fun it was, not a reminder of how he strung me along and broke my heart.
Somehow while my electronics can abide by the no contact rule, my thoughts cannot. Being home alone is the worse for me, no matter how busy I make my day :/ Happy for you that you have your children around you. As for me, I will continue with reading books and everything else I can get my hands on to keep reminding me of how his marriage does not mean he is capable of true feelings (what normal human breaks up with their girlfriend meets someone else and marries her all within 3 months??!!!) and of all the cruel things he did to me and how I am better off. But it still hurts. One day at a time….

Best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness to you!

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