Reply To: Spiritual sociopath. Am I wronging him? Am I the problem? How do I move on?



Hi Donna,

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me. And thank you for appreciating the spiritual aspect of this which was something I found most confusing about the relationship.

In case it’s interesting for you to know, I discussed things with my therapist and he felt that the guy in question sounded more like a narcissist than a sociopath. In practical terms, it makes little difference. He’s still a person to be avoided. But it has helped me to think about it some more and understand what typically happens with a narcissist. That knowledge is protective.

I think what you say about trusting ‘gut instincts’ is crucial and with hindsight I can see how much I understood what was happening at a deeper level. I didn’t trust my instincts clearly enough, of course, and there remains a tension in my thinking about things. But I know that I had many signals in my body, a vague sense of threat and unease – things like that. I believe these warning signs helped me get out sooner than I might have otherwise.

I’d urge any of the folks in this forum to pay attention to those ‘vague feelings’ and even if they can’t articulate clearly what the problem is, to trust that these nagging doubts mean something is not right.

Anyway, many thanks again and thank you for generously sharing your experience and providing others with a means to help themselves.

Best wishes,


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