Reply To: Spiritual sociopath. Am I wronging him? Am I the problem? How do I move on?



Hi star_al.

Yes – I really find it difficult too. I guess a lot of us folks on this forum are empathic types who find it extremely difficult to confront the reality that a significant number of people are incapable of genuine love (as most people define it) and will emotionally groom people for advantage in all kinds of overt and subtle ways. I’ve struggled so much with that aspect of this, but reading more about those people has helped me establish better boundaries (so far – I hope I remain vigilant!).

For myself, at least, I’m making it my business now to try and insist on space and time for people to earn my trust – prove to me that they are worthy of my feelings, not just by their words, but through their actions and with consistency. It does not come naturally to me, but I feel it’s essential and, to be honest, I’m rather glad I got a bit of a kicking from this guy because it’s forced me to confront the need to have self-respect.

It’s all rather shit, though. I can’t help wishing things were not like this. Best of luck to you.

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