Reply To: Does this seem like an ounce of care from him?



I’ve found the website Baggage Reclaim really helpful. I’m still devastated by the bastuard I got involved with, but at least it’s helping me to see what personality traits I had to feel I wanted to forgive him and take him back (and part of me still does) but how I can move on from that. The lady who writes it, Natalie Lue has some really good books on Amazon which I found helpful, which I have read ‘Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl’ and have nearly finished no contact, though I think now the chances of me ever contacting him again are 0, now that I know what his greatest lie and betrayal to me was. These men are nothing but cowardly little pricks. They are not that great, or that special. Take him off his pedestal and stop thinking too much about ‘what does this or that mean?’ It doesn’t matter. If he is hurting you, it is not love.

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