Reply To: Major relapse after one year of breaking free (could use some comments/feedback)



I hope this isn’t too blunt and maybe it’s something I need to tell myself too… He is not that great and she is a fool for taking him back. He was playing both of you with ‘take me back’ only she’s the idiot who took him back, probably on the proviso that they live together (so she can monitor him more). His mask will slip off again, she will continue to die inside and eventually they will break. You are free… No man will compare as long as you like the types who are ‘treat em mean keep em keen’ and those you need the drama from. You are great. You are wonderful. You are beautiful. You are worthy… and you know what, you are better than he is. You WILL find someone better. I’ve been listening to Christina Aguilera’s Fighter this morning. In fact, there are so many songs from female singers that are about relationships with socipathic men I’m only realising now… He’s made you stronger. Love you, date you, treat you well and take some time to work on yourself and the right man will come to you one day, probably sooner than you think. Good luck. x

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