Reply To: Hi all… new – please help



It sounds like you have a pretty good grip on what happened and why, which is a good thing, and it’s likely you will never repeat this scenario again. You have been through things that are very hurtful, were weak, then seems like things got out of control all at once and you didn’t have time to heal and process it all….which takes time. Sounds like you need to focus on yourself and hubby and continue with rebuilding your relationship. Thinking about some other guys girlfrien and comparing yourself to her is moving backwards and really does nothing to improve what is important. You got involved, things got messy and complicated…but it is over and keep your mind from going back. Done. Turn the page. Move on (which is what your friends say) cause they likely want you to be happy and have a successful relationship….focus on your family, your commitment, your future, and the positive things you have, and will have more of. Don’t you want someone dedicated to you without thinking of someone else? Do the same….things will be ok. Appreciate what you have…J

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