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Hi Jed
Thank you for your kind and sensible reply. Trust me, I will never do this ever again. I want to add as I got shredded on another forum… I didn’t know hot or not was a dating app. I do feel terrible about what I did and have been punished terribly really. I spoke to a counsellor and reading books by Natalie Lue which have been helpful. It’s just hard, you know, to reconcile how this sweet attentive gentle kind man was actually evil but his act was Oscar worthy… I’ve blocked Instagram as there’s no point looking, making assumptions and just hurting myself. I am trying to move forward and yet my little fantasist inside still hopes he’ll contact me and tell me it wasn’t all a lie… He brought out a jealous posessive psycho cheater in me, which was the worst of me, that I’ve never been before. I barely slept in the months we were involved and couldn’t think straight. I never felt good enough for him, though I think now maybe he’s not even worthy in reality of licking my boots. I’d rather be my normal self again. I don’t know if he was evil… what I do know is he must have an empty soul and a very sick spirit that he would behave in such a cowardly and unmanly way and have a need to spend so much time creating a fake version of himself to make me like him… I mean, we’re adults… who has the freaking TIME!?! These people hurt but they are losers who’ll never truly experience real love. Xxx

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