Reply To: Indifference to a Narcissist



Are you being indifferent really? It sounds like you want a reaction from him. Did you give a time scale for discarding the tags? It sounds honestly like he left them with you to keep the door ajar. Ask yourself honestly, why have you not discarded the tags before and if he has been disrespectful to you and didn’t care about your feelings, why are you giving to him again? I’m not saying this to be horrible. No contact is so hard, but you’re making a threat over his tags and he’ll just read it as drama, ‘she’s still into me.’ It’s the sad arrogant way these tossers think. Don’t feed his ego. If he doesn’t reply within a fortnight, chuck them and if he wants them returned, do so but don’t put anything else in the envelope. Good luck. Love and light to you, because this is hard and I know it is.

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