Reply To: Elderly parent living with adult socio sibling – help…



Hi Jed
What country are you in? The state of play depends on the law on adult mental capacity. In the U.K., if your parent is deemed to have capacity and accept the situation, there is not anything you can do. If however your parent is a vulnerable adult, lacking capacity (people can be vulnerable and have capacity, in which case see my earlier point) then you can request legal support. It’s very difficult. I guess people probably haven’t replied because they don’t know how to help you? I am not even sure my reply helps you move forward. I guess you can talk to your parent but from looking after elderly people in this situation, they often just seem to have their own quiet ways of dealing with it and just ignoring the kid they love / hate and living around them, but often a parent’s love for the dysfunctional kid will conquer as most parents will always give to even their adult kids as it’s genetically programmed in. Be prepared that you may not get an answer that you hope for. Xx

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